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Welcome to Jurica Gotal Design Studio, a space where creativity meets innovation to redefine the essence of playgrounds. As the founder and visionary behind the studio, I bring a diverse blend of design, engineering, artistry, product management, and entrepreneurial spirit to create playground experiences that transcend conventional norms.

Our approach at Jurica Gotal Design Studio is a unique fusion of past insights and cutting-edge technologies, where each project is a journey of progress. By harnessing both traditional and modern techniques, we strive to shape the future of playgrounds, creating spaces that inspire, engage, and evolve with the times.

Collaborating with us means entering a realm where the timeless elements of design merge seamlessly with the possibilities of new technologies. We believe in crafting tangible masterpieces that stand as a testament to the evolving landscape of play. It's not just about witnessing design; it's about experiencing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in every creation.

Our commitment to progress goes beyond a specific year or a singular technological feature. We continuously explore and integrate advancements that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and overall experience of our playgrounds. The result is a portfolio that reflects a dedication to pushing boundaries and evolving the concept of play for generations to come.

Step into a world where the play of today evolves into the legacy of tomorrow. Jurica Gotal Design Studio invites you to be part of our journey, where play knows no limits, and each playground becomes a canvas of imagination and progress.

About Us

Crafting Tomorrow's Playgrounds

Embarking on a new trajectory in 2023, Jurica Gotal Design Studio represents a pivotal shift and commitment to redefine the future of play. Situated in the heart of Zagreb, our journey is guided by passion, destiny, and an unwavering dedication to design and innovation.

Taking a significant turn, we usher in 2024 with a fresh perspective, offering a comprehensive range of services that include concept design, development, and more. Our expertise transcends the visible realms of research and development, extending into the clandestine corners of engineering and avant-garde manufacturing technologies enabled by AI.

While many are aware of our public innovations, the enigmatic projects and challenges concealed behind veiled curtains define our legacy. In a world bound by the seen, we consistently navigate the line between the known and the concealed. Equipped with cutting-edge AI tools, we explore the next uncharted mystery, inviting those fortunate enough to collaborate with us on an expedition into the future.

At Jurica Gotal Design Studio, our mission is clear – to craft tomorrow's playgrounds. Through a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern technology, we are committed to reshaping the landscape of play for generations to come. Join us on this exciting journey, where every project is a testament to our dedication, creativity, and the boundless potential of design and innovation.

  • Jurica Gotal Design Studio

    Expertise in Kids Playground Design

    In the realm of Kids Playground design and development, Jurica Gotal Design Studio has been a beacon of creativity and innovation since our inception in 2023. We embark on a journey to redefine how children experience play, utilizing cutting-edge designs, materials, and technologies to craft imaginative and safe play spaces.

    Our expertise goes beyond the visible realms of research and development, stretching into the clandestine corners of engineering and avant-garde manufacturing technologies. Over the years, we've ventured into unexplored territories, collaborating on projects that remain shrouded in secrecy, with the actual impact known only to a select few.

    While many are aware of our public innovations, the enigmatic projects and challenges lurking behind veiled curtains, now compounded by AI's transformative power, truly define our legacy. In a world bound by the seen, we constantly tread the line between the known and the concealed, always armed with cutting-edge AI tools, eager to explore the next uncharted mystery.

    For those fortunate enough to collaborate with Jurica Gotal Design Studio, the journey is not just a foray into Kids Playground design and innovation; it is an expedition into the future, leveraging the boundless potential of artificial intelligence to shape play spaces that are thoughtful, imaginative, and safe.

Playground Design

Innovative Materials

Advanced Technologies

Safety Protocols

Collaborative Design

Project Management

Artistic Vision

Playground Mastery:

Our proficiency in Kids Playground design extends beyond the ordinary, creating spaces that captivate young minds and promote healthy, imaginative play.

Material Alchemy:

We have mastered the use of innovative materials, transforming them into elements that not only enhance play structures but also ensure safety and durability.

Tech Integration:

Utilizing advanced technologies, we bring interactive and futuristic elements to our playgrounds, fostering an environment where technology and play harmoniously coexist.

Safety First:

Our commitment to safety is unwavering, implementing rigorous safety protocols to create playgrounds that provide a secure and enjoyable experience for children.

Collaborative Creativity:

We thrive on collaborative design, working closely with clients and incorporating their visions to ensure each playground is a unique and personalized masterpiece.

Project Management Prowess:

Efficient project management is our forte, ensuring timely delivery of exceptional Kids Playground designs without compromising quality.

Artistic Visionary:

Our approach to Kids Playground design is not just functional; it's an artistic vision that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms of play.




What We Do

As Jurica Gotal Design Studio, we specialize in crafting innovative and imaginative kids' playgrounds. Our expertise spans design strategy, in-depth research, concept design, product design, industrial design, product development, rapid prototyping, and product management. Since 2018, we've seamlessly integrated advanced AI technologies into our creative process, unlocking unparalleled innovation and precision.

Our goal is to empower you to focus on your strengths by maximizing the effectiveness of each stage, from ideation to implementation. We leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities to ensure optimal outcomes, offering a unique blend of design expertise and AI know-how. We are eager to embark on this journey with you, utilizing our skills to help you achieve unparalleled success in the realm of kids' playgrounds.

  • Playground Research

    As solo experts in playground research, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. Delving deep into understanding children's intricacies, we offer tailored and unique solutions that create playgrounds resonating profoundly with the younger audience. Our rigorous and innovative approach guarantees world-class excellence in the realm of kids' playgrounds.

    Jurica Gotal playground research
  • Imaginative Concepts

    As pioneers in concept design for kids' playgrounds, we bring forth visionary and creative concepts that transcend traditional boundaries. Each design concept is a testament to originality, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards. Collaborating with us means choosing a design and a pioneering vision that stands out in the world of kids' playgrounds.

    Jurica Gotal concept design
  • Kid-Friendly AI Magic

    Imagine a world where science and magic blend seamlessly. We are the digital wizards in AI, skilled in creating algorithms tailored for kids' playgrounds. With our expertise in machine learning and computer vision, we effortlessly transform challenges into solutions, creating AI-driven wonders that enhance the magic of play.

    Jurica Gotal AI wizardry
  • Playful Product Designs

    Our expertise in product design for kids' playgrounds stands out globally. Every product we envision embodies a blend of playful aesthetics and practical innovation, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Collaborating with us means opting for more than just design; it's choosing a legacy of excellence and a distinct footprint in the world of kids' playgrounds.

    Jurica Gotal product design
  • Innovative Industrial Designs

    In the intricate world of industrial design for kids' playgrounds, our craftsmanship stands unparalleled on a global canvas. Every design seamlessly merges form with function, positioning brands at the pinnacle of the industry. Collaborating with us is an immersion into unmatched innovation and aesthetic mastery in the realm of kids' playgrounds.

    Jurica Gotal industrial design
  • Swift Prototyping Magic

    Transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities with unparalleled speed and precision is our forte in rapid prototyping for kids' playgrounds. With each prototype, we bridge the gap between concept and creation, providing a clear, tactile representation of what's to come. Engaging with us ensures a synergy of innovation, technical expertise, and swift execution in the world of kids' playgrounds.

    Jurica Gotal rapid prototyping
  • Playground Project Management

    Crafting a playground's journey from inception to vibrant play space is an art we've mastered in playground project management. Each phase, from ideation to execution, is approached holistically, ensuring that the result resonates with children and stands out in the market of kids' playgrounds. Our involvement is more than just oversight; it's about weaving strategy, design, and user experience into a cohesive narrative that drives playground success.

    Jurica Gotal playground project management
  • Playful Art Sculpting

    Where many see mere blocks of material, we envision galaxies of stories waiting to be sculpted. In the tactile world of art sculpting for kids' playgrounds, our hands become creation instruments, breathing life into forms and figures. Our craft thrives at the intersection of time-honored techniques and futuristic technology. We shape sculptures that are tangible artifacts and multi-dimensional experiences using VR and AR, adding an extra layer of playfulness to the playground.

    Jurica Gotal art sculpting
  • Futuristic Playground Interiors

    Stepping into one of our playground interiors is like entering a time capsule propelled into the future. Each design choice, from curated play elements to ambient lighting, harmoniously marries tradition with cutting-edge technology. Our playground spaces aren't just designed; they're envisioned. With elements like VR art displays, AI-driven ambience adjustments, and AR interactive zones, we sculpt environments that pulsate with the heartbeat of tomorrow's play experience.

    Jurica Gotal futuristic playground interiors
  • Playful Conceptual Art

    As artists working in conceptual art for kids' playgrounds, our primary focus is on the concept or idea behind our work. The idea is the most essential aspect of the art, rather than the subject matter or material. We define conceptual art as conceiving pieces that do not directly or literally interpret a specific theme or subject. Our goal is to explore and communicate playful ideas through our art, using a variety of mediums and techniques to bring those ideas to life.

    Jurica Gotal conceptual art

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