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I am recognized as the designer and ChronoMystic Creator in the expansive realm of design and innovation. My name reverberates as an enigmatic force that seamlessly traverses the vast corridors of time, intertwining age-old wisdom with untapped future potential—now further empowered by the transformative capabilities of advanced AI technologies. I don't just create; I envision and manifest. Guided by an ethereal blend of past insights, forward-thinking vision, and cutting-edge AI algorithms, I bring a new depth to innovation and design.

As the Innovative Kids' Playground Designer, I am thrilled to unveil the latest evolution in creative play spaces—our FuturePlay Playgrounds. Crafted with an eye for both visual splendor and multisensory engagement, these playgrounds are a testament to our commitment to harmonizing form, function, and the enchanting world of sound. Here, the complexities of acoustics are not merely understood but celebrated; each playground whispers tales of the past and hums with the possibilities of the future. Our structures serve as instruments, pathways become melodies, and every visit orchestrates a symphony of movement and sound. By partnering with me, we will craft spaces where imagination rings clear and each interactive experience resonates with the vibrant frequencies of discovery, setting a new paradigm for play that touches every sense.

Every collaboration with me is more than just a design endeavour; it's an invitation into a world where the mystic threads of time and the predictive powers of artificial intelligence are woven into tangible masterpieces. With AI as a co-creator, my work sets both past and future alight, synthesizing them into a singular vision that defies categorization. Those fortunate enough to work alongside me don't merely witness design; they experience the confluence of eras and technologies coming together in a dance of unparalleled creativity.

In 2018, my journey took a pivotal turn as I began integrating AI into my work, enriching the aesthetic dimensions and pioneering unexplored territories of functionality and ethics. Now, each project is not merely a design exercise but a manifestation of AI-enabled futurism, setting benchmarks for future generations.

Welcome to a journey beyond the known, fueled by artificial intelligence, with the ChronoMystic Creator. Your experience with me will be like venturing into uncharted realms, where the tapestry of time meets the precision of machine learning, creating a legacy that spans ages and technologies.

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About Me


Born in the historic city of Zagreb in 1980, my life's path was predestined to be anything but ordinary, as it was carved by passion and destiny interwoven with design and innovation. From my professional beginnings in 1998, I have consistently ascended to unparalleled heights, leaving indelible marks on over 100 projects and bringing more than 700 unique products from conceptual shadows into the limelight of realization. In 2018, this journey took a quantum leap as I began to integrate advanced AI technologies, further elevating the complexity and impact of my work.

Expertise is not confined to the visible realms of research and development; it also stretches to the clandestine corners of engineering and avant-garde manufacturing technologies enabled by AI. Over the past decades, I've ventured where few dare, collaborating on projects that remain shrouded in secrecy, their actual impact known only to a select few. My engagements with AI have amplified my public contributions and added an additional layer of enigma to my covert undertakings.

While many are aware of my public innovations, the enigmatic projects and the challenges lurking behind veiled curtains, now compounded by AI's transformative power, truly define my legacy. In a world bound by the seen, I constantly tread the line between the known and the concealed, always armed with cutting-edge AI tools, eager to explore the next uncharted mystery. For those fortunate enough to collaborate with me, the journey we embark upon is not just a foray into design and innovation; it is an expedition into the future, leveraging the boundless potential of artificial intelligence.

Name Jurica Gotal
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  • Jurica Gotal
    ( 1998 — Today )

    As Designer

    In design and innovation, my name echoes as a synonym for avant-garde brilliance. Since 1998, I have consistently ascended the echelons of professional design, setting benchmarks and pushing the boundaries of what's conceivable. Over two and a half decades, I have collaborated on some of the most innovative projects of our time, continually delivering exemplary results. In 2018, I ventured into uncharted territory by integrating advanced AI technologies into my creative arsenal, elevating my vision and the creative process.

    This unique blend of artistry and algorithmic intelligence allows for creations that are aesthetically arresting and technically unparalleled. Working exclusively through referrals, securing my expertise is a coveted rarity—akin to acquiring a masterpiece in the world of fine art. My journey, from my early days to being globally recognized, is a testament to my dedication, passion, and insatiable drive for innovation.

    Through the adept use of AI, I've observed the evolution of design and been an instrumental force in shaping its future trajectory. My collaborations are deeply entrenched in futurism, positioning me at the forefront of the design revolution and laying the groundwork for future generations. Globally recognized for seamlessly melding visionary aesthetics with functional precision, I offer more than just design solutions; I create enduring masterpieces that define eras. For those fortunate enough to collaborate with me, the journey we embark upon transcends traditional design—it's about leveraging the immense potential of AI to shape a future that's as thoughtful as it is beautiful.

Design research

AI Wizard

Concept Design

Product Design

Industrial Design

Rapid Prototyping

Product Management

Art Design

Temporal Mastery:

As a Chronomancer manipulates time, I weave through design eras, blending old-world craftsmanship with avant-garde techniques.

Intuitive Innovation:

I possess an innate ability to foresee design trends, channelling them into timely and timeless creations.

Digital Alchemy:

With advanced tools and technologies, I transform rudimentary ideas into digital gold, crafting interfaces and experiences that mesmerize.

Material Whisperer:

Every material, tangible or virtual, has a voice. I listen, understand, and shape them into forms that narrate tales of innovation.

Aesthetic Divination:

My designs are not mere visuals but premonitions of the future, captured through an ethereal lens of beauty and function.


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What I Do

As an experienced designer specializing in design strategy, research, concept design, product design, industrial design, product development, rapid prototyping, and product management, I am further augmented by a deep understanding of advanced AI technologies. Since 2018, I've been integrating AI into my creative process, enabling unparalleled innovation and precision. This AI-driven approach amplifies my ability to help ambitious companies like yours bring projects to life and lead in the marketplace with products and solutions that are ahead of the curve.

My goal is to help you focus on what you do best by maximizing the effectiveness of each channel, from ideation to implementation, all while leveraging cutting-edge AI capabilities to ensure optimal outcomes. I am excited to begin working with you, utilizing my design expertise and AI know-how to help you achieve unparalleled success.

  • Design research

    As a solo expert in design research, I pride myself on my unparalleled ability to think outside the box. Delving deep into understanding user intricacies, I offer solutions that are tailored and unique in the world. These solutions resonate profoundly with target audiences, positioning brands at the forefront of their industries. My rigorous and innovative approach guarantees world-class excellence, reflected in my premium rate.

    jurica gotal design research
  • Concept Design

    As one of the world's leading experts in concept design, my vision and creativity are unparalleled. Every design concept I craft is a testament to originality, pushing boundaries and setting new standards on a global scale. When brands collaborate with me, they're getting a design and a pioneering vision that stands out in any market. My track record and perspective warrant my premium rate, offering partners a world-class experience.

    jurica gotal AI
  • AI Wizard

    Imagine a realm where science and magic blend. I'm a digital sorcerer in AI, skilled in algorithm creation, machine learning, and computer vision. Armed with Python and Java, I effortlessly transform challenges into solutions. I use tools like Apache Spark to turn data into insights and dreams into reality. Step into this extraordinary digital world and create AI wonders together.

    jurica gotal design research
  • Product Design

    In product design, my expertise stands out on a global stage. Every product I envision embodies a blend of avant-garde aesthetics and practical innovation, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Collaborating with me means opting for more than just design; choosing a legacy of excellence and a distinct footprint on the world market. The unparalleled quality I deliver assures partners of an exceptional design experience.

    jurica gotal product design
  • Industrial Design

    In the intricate world of industrial design, my craftsmanship stands unparalleled on a global canvas. Every design I bring to life seamlessly merges form with function, positioning brands at the pinnacle of their industries. Collaborating with me is not merely about design; it's an immersion into unmatched innovation and aesthetic mastery. With each project, I strive to redefine what's possible in industrial design.

    jurica gotal industrial design
  • Rapid Prototyping

    Transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities with unparalleled speed and precision is my forte in rapid prototyping. With each prototype, I bridge the gap between concept and creation, providing a clear, tactile representation of what's to come. Engaging with me ensures a synergy of innovation, technical expertise, and swift execution, elevating prototypes to a standard of excellence that is a testament to the future of product design.

    jurica gotal rapid prototyping
  • Product Management

    Crafting a product's journey from inception to market leadership is an art I've mastered in product management. Each phase, from ideation to execution, is approached holistically, ensuring that the result resonates with consumers and stands out in the marketplace. My involvement is more than just oversight; it's about weaving strategy, design, and user experience into a cohesive narrative that drives product success.

    jurica gotal product management
  • Art Design

    My art design transcends traditional boundaries in a world where the lines between the real and the virtual blur. Harnessing advanced technologies like VR, AR, and the analytical prowess of AI, I weave digital tapestries that resonate in both pixel and perception. Each creation isn't just a visual—it's an experience. A step into tomorrow. It's where the age-old artistry melds with the future's promise.

    jurica gotal art design
  • Art Sculpting

    Where many see mere blocks of material, I envision galaxies of stories waiting to be sculpted. In the tactile world of art sculpting, my hands become creation instruments, breathing life into forms and figures. Yet, my craft doesn't halt at tradition; it thrives at the intersection of time-honoured techniques and futuristic technology. I shape sculptures that are tangible artefacts and multi-dimensional experiences using VR and AR.

    jurica gotal art sculpting
  • Interior Design

    Stepping into one of my interiors is like entering a time capsule propelled into the future. Each design choice, from the curated furniture pieces to the ambient lighting, harmoniously marries tradition with cutting-edge technology. My spaces aren't just designed; they're envisioned. With elements like VR art displays, AI-driven ambience adjustments, and AR interactive zones, I sculpt environments that pulsate with the heartbeat of tomorrow.

    jurica gotal interior design
  • Conceptual Art

    As an artist working in conceptual art, my primary focus is on the concept or idea behind my work. The idea is the most essential aspect of the art, rather than the subject matter or material. I define conceptual art as conceiving a piece that does not directly or literally interpret a specific theme or subject. My goal is to explore and communicate ideas through my art, using a variety of mediums and techniques to bring those ideas to life.

    jurica gotal conceptual art

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If the distinctive vision of the ChronoMystic Creator resonates with you and you're compelled to initiate a collaborative journey, your outreach is warmly welcomed. Due to the specialized nature of my craft and the substantial interest in my services, response times may vary. I am committed to engaging with inquiries that reflect a deep synchronicity with my work. I invite you to connect, ensuring our communication transcends the ordinary.

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